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Up to 17-25% THC


Flavours: Earthy, Diesel, Pungent

Effects: Happy, Relaxed, Euphoric, Uplifted, Tingly

Medical Benefits: Stress, Pain, Depression, Headaches, Fatigue

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Headband, the love-child of cannabis’ power couple, OG Kush and Sour Diesel, Buy Headband online The smooth, creamy smoke is accented by flavors of lemons and diesel while the long-lasting effects are great for pain relief, helping you to relax, and to combat elevated stress levels.

Buy Headband online. Many report that the effects create a slight pressure around the crown of their head and feels as though they are wearing a headband.

Headband is as potent as it gets.

Headband is an elite Hybrid cannabis strain for many reasons. For starters, it’s a crossbreed between OG Kush, Sour diesel and Master Kush. Now that’s Ganja Peanut Butter Cookies what you call a royal family! Each one of the former strains is heavy-hitting Indica’s, all with their unique attributes. Although the crossbred strains are fantastic in their regard, it doesn’t mean combining them works.

Pancakes, sour kraut and oranges Buy OG Kush online | OG Kush for sale online are great, put them in a blender, and it’s another story.


Headband’s bud structure is a little different from most weed strains. Usually, you’d see the small nuggets and think of “popcorn,” which is the smaller buds fallen from the cola, but this is Headband for ya.

Appearance-wise, the small and dense buds are light, but not neon green, topped with dark orange hairs. What’s most notable is the almost shiny look from the THC crystals, looking like its frosted in sugar.

Headband Effects + Benefits

Fun fact time – Headband isn’t named after headgear, it’s from the pressure applied to the scalp after smoking. Once the pressure starts to build, it seeps into your head and starts to gently massage the brain. Good luck finding a masseuse that will do that for you.

 Up to 17-25% THC

FlavorsEarthy, Diesel, Pungent

Effects: Happy, Relaxed, Euphoric, Uplifted, Tingly

Medical Benefits: Stress, Pain, Depression, Headaches, Fatigue

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