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Buy Sour Diesel Feminized is a Sativa and Indica hybrid with ratio 60% to 40% Sativa dominant THC Level High at 18% CBD (Medical), and a Medium Height (70/250 cm – 59″/71″), with Yield High (450/650 gr/m² – 16/23oz/11ft²”), and a Flowering period Average of 68 days. Growth Climate conditions: Sunny / mediterranean Good for Indoor, Outdoor, Medical, Beginner. Buy Sour Diesel Feminized

Sharp Diesel Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Sharp Diesel cannabis seeds are beyond question the most mainstream decision among cultivators and shoppers. It’s an exemplary strain that is stacked with clinical impacts, a quickly unmistakable fragrance, and taking off THC levels. The psychoactive impacts of this sativa-predominant crossover (70/30) please solid and quick, so be ready for a psychological surge of elation and satisfaction. Notice as your vitality levels rise and your temperament continuously improves with each breathe in. No big surprise endless individuals consider this strain an “upper.”

Obviously, Sour Diesel settles on a well known decision among patients with wretchedness and other temperament issues. This strain feels like a psychological get-away for your cerebrum, which calms interminable pressure and nervousness for quite a long time at once. With such a great amount of THC (around 22% overall) packed into one strain, you needn’t bother with a ton to feel the full power of Sour Diesel. We suggest that you expend gradually and consistently until you feel your best.

The scent and fragrance of Sour Diesel smell citrusy, harsh, and gas like. Some consider Sour Diesel a procured taste as a result of the diesel notes. As a result of its 22% THC, we prescribe that lone experienced smokers go to Sour Diesel for a mind-set lift. A lot of this strain could have the contrary impact and lead to uneasiness and distrustfulness.

Laboratory analysis

  • THC:60.00 %
  • CBD:18.00 %
  • Type:Feminised

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25 seeds, 55 seeds, 80 seeds


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