Golden teacher Mushroom

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Discription of Golden teacher Mushroom:

Although breeding unique growth characteristics into your mushrooms might look pretty, what most shroom-folk tend to be interested in is potency. It’s important to point out here that genetic characteristics tend to be independent of each other, so while some growers might tell you that more potent mushroom strains (Golden teacher Mushroom) are always albino, there’s currently not any evidence that this is true.

When it comes to species, the little we know about differences in potency (not only concentration of psilocybin, but of other alkaloids, as well) comes from the small amount of early scientific studies that have been added to by more modern research as renewed interest in psychedelics has grown. It’s thanks to this data that we can say with a fairly high degree of certainty that Psilocybe azurescens is one of the most potent naturally-occurring species currently known. In addition, scientific data has compared wild and cultivated species, and shown that potency can vary by a factor of four and ten respectively.

Until recently very little was known about potency between strains. Many mushroom connoisseurs stated that Penis Envy was one of the most potent strains, but this was from anecdotal self-experimentation with no research grade analytical data to back it up. However in April 2021, the mushroom community’s understanding of stain potency took a huge step forward, thanks to Reggie and his team of scientists at Oakland Hyphae. The team put on the first “Psilocybin Cup,” a community-led citizen science approach to quantifying psilocybin and psilocin in over 60 strains supplied by growers. The findings are relatively preliminary, but their methods are strong and add important data to back up anecdotal potency claims. Across all the strains submitted, psilocybin content ranged from as low as 0.14 percent, up to 2.26 percent dry weight in the winning Tidalwave strain (TW2) grown by Magic Myco. Enough samples were submitted that some general potency trends between strains have started to emerge, with average potency shown in the graph below. If you need a little more help interpreting this, the number of samples collected for each strain are shown next to the strain names along the bottom, and the little line above each bar gives an idea of how variable the potency measurements are for each strain.

With information like this just coming out, our understanding of potency between strains still has a long way to go, but open source-data from teams like Oakland Hyphae are a great resource for both new and experienced growers.


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